Tourist AttractionsThe Baiyang Waterfall Trail in Taroko

1911 次閱讀

The Baiyang Waterfall Trail is one of the thirty six amazing natural attractions in Taiwan.

When you cross the entrance tunnel, this remote and majestic trail is in front of your eyes.

Aad don't miss the Water Curtain Cave(Shui-lian-dong), in the cave you can see the spring water falling from the tunnel roof.

It's entrance is hidden near the Central Cross-Island Highway, 900 meters west of Tianxiang.  

The trail is located along the Waheier and Tacijili Rivers.


Taroko Baiyang Waterfall Trail


When walking on the trail, people can see an incredible landscape of lofty mountains, waterfalls, a magnificent marble gorge, and abundant natural beauty.



The trail’s attraction is not only primitive natural landforms, but also a variety of tunnels.



Some tunnels are straight, and some are curved so that you are in complete darkness for a while;  some tunnels contain waterfalls – when you walk into these tunnels you hear the sounds like thunder from waterfalls.


Water Curtain Cave(Shui-lian-dong)

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