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Today, we had a plan : went to the one of the Eight Wonders of Taiwan-- Sun Moon Lake.

We reserved a two-day chartered tour to Sun moon lake. Mr. Sung is a man who has many experience for taking a chartered tour .He told us the story about Sun Moon Lake.

 The Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area is praised for its five major recreational systems, including the lake, Shueili River, Puli, Jhuoshuei River, and Jiji.

 Sun Moon Lake is the largest lake in Taiwan, and it is comprised of the diamond-shaped Sun Lake and curved Moon Lake.

 And, Sun Moon Lake is one of the Eight Wonders of Taiwan, attracting more than million visitors each year. Because of its famous, Sun Moon Lake is  crowned  with the most important lake for Taiwan.

On the car, we asked : Where we must go in the Sun Moon Lake?

Mr. Sung said :If you want to relax and have a nice sightseeing, I recommend riding bike aroud the sun moon lake, there are many trails you can choose. Or, you can consider going to Lalu island, Wenwu Temple, Cien Pagoda, Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village or Snake Kiln, these spots are also the famous scenery.

We thought: we will reluctant  to leave the sun moon lake, after this good two -day chartered tour to Sun Moon Lake.

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                                            to be continued......Where we go for the first place of the chartered tour Sun Moon Lake?

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