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Taiwan chartered tour

Jiufen Mountain City,famous by the movie named A City of Sadness.

Every traveller will list Jiufen as a must-see attraction, many Taiwanese, Japanese, people from Hong Kong and China want to go. You will experience the beauty of this mountain city when you come to Taiwan.

Today’s weather was very nice. That’s a pity for being Taiwanese that don’t experience a gold rush day. My family planned it all at the start. I always in expectation of this day.

We set off for the Golden Waterfall, it was so amazing on our way.
It looks like a gigantic wall of golden rock cliff, reputed as the “Golden Waterfall” by later generations for the spectacle.

The Golden Waterfall is among the must visit sites of Jingguashi. 
The color of the golden waterfall turned gold, but also the rivers, which was really a dazzling view,non-stop waterfall is breathtaking,we’d like to take more time! Although we couldn't touch it, it was very pleasant to enjoy it here!!

Golden Waterfall.jpg

After taking pictures with Golden Waterfall,we were so hungry. Let's go to Jiufen Old Street! I cheered.
There is full of snack shop on Jiufen Old Street , and some store provide gameS.It was a good place to eat, and had fun.


We were attracted to the snack shop on the street, which selling rice cake, fish sweet photo balls, stinky tofu…etc.

stinky tofu.jpg

snack shop.jpg
One of the rice cake we ate was made by the boss ! And the taste of each kind of meatball is different. We would come to eat the next time!
We also liked Caozaiguo, which is full of filling, lots of people standing in line to taste, we joined they, chating and expecting.
We talked about the next stop--Shifen, it is necessary to fly the lanterns.
The shops on the old streets are distributed on both sides of the railway. The sky lanterns could be bought everywhere. Each tourist attraction must have its own characteristic story.

WRITE sky lanterns.jpg
We arrived Shifen, and couldn’t waiting to buy the sky lanterns, different colors have different blessing, lots of people on the rails flew the lanterns, we watched the sky lanterns take off, I felt my wish will come true.

sky lanterns COLOR.jpg
Today is quite fulfilling and we felt very fun. If you want to find a day trip, you can consider this trip itinerary.

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