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Taiwan Chartered tour 

Let’s go to day trip with mountain and ocean.
Departing from Taipei Station, in the morning, there are many people in the convenience stores. If you want to buy breakfast first, the early bird catches the worm.

Mr.Sung has the schedule to must –go attraction in Taipei, he will be happy to show guys. 

First, let’s go to Yehliu Geopark.
Open daily from 8am to 5pm.
Entry Fee
1.Adult ticket NTD80
2.Half-fare ticket NTD40
Student (Taiwan only or show ISI card)
For the children aged between 6 and 12.
3.Group ticket (thirty persons upward) 20% discount
4.Courtesy entry: Disabled
Children of height under 115 cm or under age of 6.

The rock landscape of Yehliu Geopark is one of most famous wonders in the world.
The most famous is the Queen’s Head, The appearance is like a queen staring into the distance, with a long neck and beautiful face.
When you come here, you have to take pictures with the Queen’s Head, many people like to take hilarious pictures and update on their facebook, but , the one thing is important, be sure not to touch or even damage any of these creations of nature, so that our future generations can also enjoy them.

chartered tour Taiwan-the Queen’s Head.jpg
Then, we arranged for you to go to Shimen Cave.
The main scenery of the Shimen Cave is the Sea Cave, also known as the marine arch.
It is about ten meters high and it is a cave made by saltwater and weathering erosion over a long period of time,later, due to the rise of the earth's crust, the Sea Cave were not left behind by saltwater erosion.
Crossing the Shimen Cave is a nice place to enjoy the waterscape. If the weather is good, the blue sky and white clouds are quite beautiful that you will be in the good mood. There are also pavilions along the way to relax in a cool place, the warm wind blowing your cheeks, and you may be splashed by the waves.

chartered tour taiwan-pavilion.jpg
Here, you can see that many people are treading on the wave, catching crabs and complete small shells. However, it is not recommended to walk barefooted because of the shell fragment.
After treading on the wave, there are simple flushing facilities nearby the ocean.
And you can go to the observation Deck with a different view. On the whole platform you can see a boundless sea.
If you go their in the summer, you should pay attention to put on sunscreen. There is no cover device here.

chartered tour taiwan-Shimen Cave.jpg
Next, Green Reef at Laomei
Every April and May, Green Reef at Laomei is the meaning of spring. You can only see it in spring. It too hot for algae to grow, and there is no such beauty scene.
Green Reef at Laomei was voted by CNN as one of the eight intimate attractions in Taiwan. It is the only special landscape in Taiwan. Many photographers will take a special trip to find a view.
The coast is looked like the green carpet, it feels very romantic with blue water.
However, in order to prevent the algae from being trampled and accelerate the death, you can not step on the Green Reef at Laomei .

chartered tour taiwan-Green Reef at Laomei.jpg
It is time to go to Tamsui Old Street for forage for food.
There are a lot of retro,little things in Tamsui Old Street, besides,there are more foods, and a lot of souvenirs. Try Oily Bean Curd(Ah Gei), consists of a piece of fried tofu, stuffed with cooked Cellophane noodles, and sealed with surimi, which is widely sold by vendors in the district. In addition, fish balls, Fried Fish Crackers and iron eggs, and a lot of dried fruit, the shops provide a try for free, and there is a store, selling Taiwan ancient taste cakes, they are so delicious, cheap and large
There are also a lot of people have the stands
to draw portraits. If you come to Tamsui Old Street, you can try to make self-portrayal.
After eating and drinking to our heart's content, should go to the last attraction, Beitou Thermal Valley.

taiwan chartered tour.jpg
There are many hot spring hotels near the Thermal Valley. The Thermal Valley is one of the sources of Beitou Hot Spring. The pool water is Aquamarine. In the vicinity, you can feel the hot Vapor in the pool, about 80~100 degrees, because The Vapor makes you feel like in the dizzy brink of the unreal, After visiting the Thermal Valley, there are provide many pools of foot baths nearby. Soaking feet is very good for metabolism.

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