Tourist Attractions chartered tour Sun Moon Lake ---Shuishe Pier in the Sun Moon Lake

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Shuishe Pier is located in the Sun Moon Lake, it is the famouse place to take a boat on the Sun Moon Lake.It suitable for everyone.

We chatted with other tourisms come to Sun Moon Lake, most of them bought the  tickets for boarding, and it will arrive the Ita Thao Pier on the other side of the lake. We went with a backpacker,who came from singapore, he take the Sun Moon Lake on the heart. 

As for the pier itself, the view is really amazing. Boats drifting on the shimmering lake make a nice landscape, with lush green mountains as a backdrop. He said. It really a nice spot to spend all day.

Shuishe Pier provides all kinds of tourist information and services, like charging phone, take wheelchairs and baby cars.

Around Shuishe Pier, we found many souvenir shops, we bought some black tea, which is well-known in the world. Mr.Sung said we should bring back home from Sun Moon Lake.

After shoping,we rent a bike, every one said that the ranquil lake aroud the Shuishe Pier is the one of  the worth a place to go for a drive.We laughed, sang, and was engrossed in the scenery, having a wonderful afternoon. 


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