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After watching the scenery of Sun Moon Lake on the ground, we wanted to take the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway, overlooking the scene of Sun Moon Lake at the high altitude.To admire the different view of Sun Moon Lake.

The website which introduced the sun moon lake said,  

Sun Moon Lake Ropeway connects Sun Moon Lake's Ita Thao and Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village.

Spanning 1.877 kilometers between the Sun Moon Lake Youth Activity Center and the Observation Tower of the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village,

the 7-minute direct cable car ride offers splendid views of Sun Moon Lake, as well as the surrounding mountains and basins of Puli.


We bought the tickets, took the Sun Monn Lake Ropeway.

My companion was very excited about the experience to take the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway.


We were in the sun moon lake ropeway, in front of us, we could see the sun moon lake ropeway lined up bumper to bumper in the high sky.

We even waved to the tourisms who were nearby us, although they most likely don't see us.


In the sun moon lake ropeway, we enjoyed  the inlet of Dazhu Lake, which is a miracle of the Sun Moon Lake cross-boundary water diversion project, as you fly over the Smiley Valley.

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