Tourist Attractionsshopping street of Ita Thao--The most delicious snacks in the sun moon lake

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Speaking about Ita Thao, people never forget the snacks on the shopping streets. And, there is a beautiful legend about Ita Thao, named the deer chasing.

Ita Thao is the origin of Thao people and continues to convey the history of this aboriginal tribe in Taiwan.

Many years ago, Thao hunters were hunting a large white deer. After chasing the deer for many days, they saw a landscape of lakes and mountains unfold. The white deer that they had been chasing had no way of escape, and rushed into the middle of a lake. The lake is Sun Moon Lake.

Thao traditional tribes, attached to the Sun Moon Lake.From Shuishe Pier, people could go to Ita Thao Pier on the other side of the lake.

Arrived the Ita Thao Pier, we looked forward the shopping area full of Thao atmosphere. They said you cannot leaving this food.There are also some local aboriginal cuisines. If you come to Sun Moon Lake, this is a must visit.

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Shops at both side along the street, mostly selling souvenirs of Ita Thao.

Selling special agricultural products, snacks, food, drinks, etc. in Sun Moon Lake... everything...

The mainly snacks is black tea,black tea egg rolls,black tea cream, etc...

A lot of local snacks, rice chicken wings,rice dumpling made by millet, they are very special and delicious, it more amazing than other night markets, we would said if you come to sun moon lake, you must visit Ita Thao.

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