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The coffin version is a food that merges with the West.
Let me tell you how to smash the thick toasted bread and put it in onions, flour, canned milk, chicken, etc.
It is one of the famous gourmet cuisines in Tainan.


Most people still maintain the tradition of eating Zongzi on the day of the Duanwu Festival.The hazelnut is a triangular dumpling made of glutinous rice, wrapped in reed leaves and steamed to make it more fragrant. Taiwan has a sub-sector. Zongziis with pork filling is very famous. People use tweezers to make pork, eggs, mushrooms and other ingredients to make him more flavorful.

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It taste intense and gooey,  with slurpable dish, more soup than noodle.
Some people add chopped intestines to the soup, thin rice flour and oysters.
A bowl of large oyster fans should have a thick, delicious soup base.

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Beef noodles have a variety of flavors, including braised beef noodles. Braised beef noodles take a heavy salty and spicy route. The soy-colored soup head is filled with red spicy oil. The soup has several large pieces of savory beef, which is alwaysmake people’s mouth watery.

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The ba wan is Taiwan's mega dumpling.
Made with a dough of rice flour, corn starch and sweet potato starch.  People use Pork, veggies and eggs, stuffed inside and eat with gravy.It will looks translucent after cooking.

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