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If you go to Yilan, one of the spots is the Mr Brown Coffee castle.
Mr Brown Coffee located on the hillside, below the Coffee is the Wushi Port, where you can go whale watching and look at Guishan Island. The blue sky, white clouds and sea water was quite pleasant.
You can see the big windmill before entering the castle, feels like that you are in the European manor. There are three floors in the Mr Brown Coffee castle. Each floor was decorated liked the exotic castle: the first floor is an ordering and dining area, the most famous is the oak barrel, the dining area on the second floor is better, and many people are dining in the second floor. You can see the scenery outside. The top floor is an alfresco dining area with a wide view.
Mr Brown Coffee castle provide breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. The most famous is coffee.It so nice to be here, seeing the scenery and relaxing with coffee in this castle.

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Wanglongpi Damp is often short of water due to the old summer drought period. The villagers hope that the legendary dragon will bring they rain, and it is expected to be called the Wanglongpi Damp.
When you enter the Wanglongpi Damp, you will see a big stone which writing Wanglongpi Damp.
The feeling of Wanglongpi Damp is very quiet. There are trails on both sides of the lake, and red nine-curved bridge in the middle of the lake. The reflection of nine-curved bridge and trees in the water of the lake .There are also many mallards and geese swimming in the lake.
Walking around the lake, you will arrive Wanglong Pavilion, taking the rest
at this gazebo.
There are also a lot of vendors on the side of the lake, you can buy some snacks if you are hungry.

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The NCFTA is a dynamic museum;  bring traditional arts into everyday life, and remind the people of traditional arts in their everyday life. 
Regular Tickets:150
6~12/ students:120
60 above:75
disabled persons/0~6:free
The art in front of the doorway must be photographed, and there are quite a lot of artworks inside.

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The art center combines performances, crafts and creativity. There are various shops in the center, many restaurants and snacks to eat, and a combination of traditional Minnan and Western-style architecture. The artworks of the store are quite textured, including jade, antiques, paper umbrellas and handmade soaps. Some stores offer DIY activities, you can experience different things here.

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Luodong Forestry Culture Garden, the tickets are free! It is a place for trips, and it is also a popular spot for IG check-in. Because of the greenery, and the Japanese-style buildings, many people like to take pictures, make them like elf in the forest. The garden is very large. There are many large wooden blocks here. Each piece has its own number, and visitors cannot take it home. Besides, there are lakes in the garden, migratory birds will gather, and a little driftwood in the pool, it’s peace when walking around the lake.

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Luodong Night Market is located next to Luodong Park. It is always crowded, and is one of the best places for shopping and dining. The traditional snacks here are popular to both local residents and visitors such as the scallion pancake.

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Scallion pie, you must try. Hearing a sizzling sound coming from a fry pan; golden crispy dough is being fried, giving off the aromatic smell of spring onion.
The delicious pancake made with Yilan's famous Sanxing spring onion, is especially delicious. Yilan cake provide many flavors : cheese, sesame…etc.
Meat Fritters and Deep-fried Meat Cake are symbolic street foods of Yilan.
Ancestors who reclaimed and built Yilan in the early days lived a simple life.
They added potato starch to the leftover chicken soup, boiled it, and deep-fried it to make something that is crispy outside and soft inside.
With the special technique of deep frying tempura, the golden and crispy meat fritters are made with Taiwanese flavor.
Besides, shaved ice tapioca and rice noodles thick soup are cheap.
Overall, Luodong Night Market is a wonderful place to shop and dine, you should not miss visiting Loudong Night Market during your Taiwan travel!

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