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The last day, you can arrange a hipster trip for taking photos.
The Pine Garden is the "Historical Area" of the Hualien. It is currently the most complete Japanese-era building in Hualien. It is one of the historical sites of the Hualien and the important military command center of the Japanese army. It is said that Japanese troops were resting here before they attack Pearl Harbor.
Why it called Pine Garden? Because there are many old pine trees in the garden.
There is a souvenir area outside the pine garden, and coffee shops.
The whole feeling is full of Strong art spirit.
The grassy atmosphere will make people relax. There are also put on some art exhibitions here,
Go to the second floor, there is a showroom to introduce the history and current situation of the pine garden.
The Pine Garden is an ig attraction, many people like to take pictures with the old building.
Adult ticket is 50 dollars

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Happy Farm in Hualien is a free spot. There are many parks and large turf on the farm. You can see the horses walking around here and the farm is quite beautifully.

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There are variety of animal areas, cute animals ~ sika deer, hawthorn, peacock, green duck and horse.
In addition, it planned the flower garden and the ecological pool. There are many ducks playing with the water in it, is really cute, and the scenery is quite amazing.
There are several peacocks, hawthorn and many sika deer ~ you can feed them to graze
Big Bird Garden, there are birds and chickens in it – their feather is pretty.

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Liyu Carp Lake is located next to Liyu Mountain. If the weather is good, it will be like a squid when it reflected in the water of the lake The Liyu Carp Lake has different views every day. It always makes people feel refreshed.
To Hualien, Liyu Carp Lake is a must-go spot. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lake on the grass, breathe the fresh air, and stay in a daze. If the weather is not hot, there are stalls provide bike rent , and cycling around the lake is also a great choice.
But the most recommended is "stepping on the swan boat". The Liyu Carp Lake is quite calm. Now, it also provides electric swan boats, which can move forward automatically, or you can step on it by yourself, enjoying the leisure time on the lake.

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Ji'an Township in Hualien was the main occupation for a large number of Japanese immigrants. In order to preach, the Japanese built theChiAn ChingHsiou Temple, which is a spiritual belief center. It also provides various functions such as a medical center, classrooms, and a funeral service center.

Arrive Hualien, you must go to three-level monument and the traditional architecture of the Edo style "ChiAn ChingHsiou Temple".

Its not just Taiwanese who come here to visit, even the Japanese will come.
It is full of Japanese style, just like placing yourself in Japan, Japan’s architecture is very atmospheric.
When entering the temple, you will see the washhouse first.
This is the place where the people cleaned up before visiting the shrine.
Remember to wash your hands first, and then use the ladle to hold the water in your left hand and use your lips to rub the water to complete the ceremony.
In such the ritual and atmosphere, people feel calm and their movements begin to linger.
Make people feel quite comfortable.

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